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You’ve worked all your life and cared for your family, then one day you are unable to work. The medical bills are piling up. You don’t know where to turn and don’t want to be a burden to your family. Fortunately, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are available for qualified recipients. However, applying for benefits and winning your case is complex and confusing for most people.


“77% of initial claims are denied by The Tennessee Disability Determination Services.”


Downard and Associates Nashville Social Security Disability Lawyers have won millions of dollars in settlements for the injured and disabled. We have more than 50 combined years experience, and can help you make sure you don’t commit any errors that can prolong your case and cause unnecessary delays. From initial application to appeals and denials, our attorneys will handle your case from start to finish.


What Medical Conditions Qualify for Social Security Disability?

There are many different disabling medical conditions resulting in people being unable to work and earn a living for their families. A few of them include diabetes, mental disorders, degenerative diseases, back pain, ADD, handicap, renal failure and more. If you have a disabling medical condition call us now for a free consultation.

Listed below are a few sample cases that we have handled in our 15 years of helping families in Tennessee and surrounding areas apply for social security disability, or SSI benefits. In some instances, unmarried children and spouses of the disabled may also be eligible for benefits to help parents take care of their needs.

If you have a medical condition preventing you from working, call 888-Downard for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation or fill out our free online form today. If we can help you, we will. A member of our experienced legal team will call you within 2 hours during normal business days.

Our Nashville Social Security Disability lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in settlements for thousands of clients. We have years of experience to help you file a successful SSD claim. If you’re applying for benefits or have been denied, we can help. Contact our friendly legal staff today and let one of our experienced lawyers help you now. Call (888) DOWNARD or fill out our online form. No Fee Till You Win.



*Please note, this is just a sample of cases. There are many more conditions that may qualify.


Diabetes Disability Case

Thirty six year old man with diabetes, obesity, history of acute renal failure, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and degenerative arthritis says he became disabled in October 2009. He divorced and moved in with his father. He gained custody of one of his sons in 2012. We took the case in late 2010 and won in 2013.


Mental Problems

A 43 year old homeless man with a history of mental problems and abuse in and out of jail. He had no income didn’t get medical attention unless it was an emergency so he never received treatment for his problems. We were able to win his case and he was able to receive the medical attention to treat his conditions and is now living in his own studio apartment.


54-year-old Disabled Widow

A 54 year old disabled mother of three became homeless when her husband died and she lost everything. He was taking care of her, she never worked. She has been living with her grown children in their homes for 2 years without medical treatment or a place to call home. She is now able to move to 2-bedroom apartment with her sister and split the expenses and have a home.


Chronic Back Pain

A 39 year old Tennessee mother of four children was successfully awarded Social Security Disability after Downard and Associates argued her case in front of an Administrative Law Judge.  She came to our office after she had been denied twice from Social Security.  Our client was a registered nurse with severe impairments including Lupus, chronic back pain and urinary incontinence.  We were able to secure medical records that proved her case.



This is just a sample of the THOUSANDS of clients we have helped.

Have We Helped You Yet?

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