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Downard and Associates Has Won Millions for the Injured and Disabled.

Personal Injuries are usually caused by the negligence of others.  Typical examples include car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, medical malpractice and wrongful death.  These accidents are classified as resulting from negligence, intentional or reckless conduct of others.  The Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers at Downard & Associates take pride in protecting the rights of those injured due to the negligence of another party.

These injuries can be serious and life changing, many times impacting your entire family.   Let Downard & Associates put the expertise of their Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers to work for you battling insurance companies and fighting to get the full compensation you deserve, while you focus on getting your life put together.

If you are injured or suffering from a personal injury, our Nashville personal injury attorneys may be able to help you obtain compensation for:

Medical Bills

Property Damage

 Lost Wages

 Pain and Suffering

 Medical Costs for Ongoing Injuries

We only get paid if we are successful in recovering monetary damages in your case. If we don’t win your case, you don’t owe us anything. Call today for a FREE Consultation, or stop by our office in Goodlettsville to speak with one of our skilled Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers. 



Questions & Answers

Q:  If I am calling you about a Personal Injury Case in Nashville, after learning more about my case, how would you explain the next step of the process, and what would be your general description of the typical process?

A:   Our firm would do an initial free consultation with the potential client to see if their legal needs are something we can assist with. Then if it is determined that we can help the person, a meeting would be set up with the attorney and a time and place to meet would be arranged. Depending on convenience to the client, we have met our clients not only at our office, but at places such as the hospital, client’s home or a public restaurant. Gathering information pertaining to the case and obtaining evidence as well as preserving key evidence are the crucial first steps in building the case. The attorney will personally interview the client about the facts and experiences. The office acquires pictures, reports, documents, medical treatment records and any other items related to the case, and preserves them and other materials in an electronic and manual file kept at the office. The client would be followed up with periodically in order to keep the client informed and provide necessary legal direction in moving forward to each proceeding phase. The client would be prepared by the attorney to give oral testimony prior to a trial so that every effort is made to ensure that the client is able to feel comfortable and give accurate and credible testimony about his injuries, the causes of the accident and the treatment that he or she received. All costs associated with building the case and bring it toward final resolution are advanced by the firm. In some cases, it is necessary for our firm to seek and hire an expert to give qualified testimony pertaining to one or more issues involved in the case. This cost is also advanced by the attorney. We do get reimbursed for our expenses advanced but do not receive that or attorney fees unless we obtain a recovery for a client.


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