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We’ve helped thousands of clients and won millions of dollars for the injured and disabled. We can’t ignore the fact that many of our clients struggle with unpaid bills, foreclosure, garnishments, medical bills, lawsuits and the constant barrage of collection agencies calling them.

We are now offering bankruptcy services to stop the credit collectors and give you peace-of-mind and most importantly the time you need to get caught up.

Our experienced team has more than 24 years collective bankruptcy experience. We offer a FREE, no obligation, PRIVATE consultation with our experienced professionals, Call (615) 255-4307 to set up an appointment.

Our Bankruptcy Team Is Local and Experienced in Tennessee Law


We live here and we work here. Don’t be fooled by out-of-town lawyers, who are looking to make a quick profit at your expense. We offer personalized service and will meet with you to talk about your problems. We’ll help you decide the best course of action to take.

 Your Privacy is important to us. We respect your rights and know that sometimes, bad things happen to good people. We are here to work with you and help you come out of this problem as strong and independent as possible.



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Judge's Table
Social Security Disability Meeting


Have We Helped You Yet?

Call (888) DOWNARD or fill out our online form. No Fee Till You Win!

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